Fiore di NO is Natalie Oliveros’ thumbprint on La Fiorita to select and extract the essences of 3 of 4 of our vineyards: Pian Bossolino (360m), Giardinello (360m) and Collesorbo vineyard (220m). Made only on exceptional vintages, the diversity of soils carried by the Sangiovese from these 3 parcels give birth to wines where Natalie Oliveros has extracted the purest contrast between profound texture and freshness. She then blends these unique essences together to transform these singularities into a unity that is: Fiore di NO Brunello


Our crafted Brunello by La Fiorita are the most genuine expression of Sangiovese coming from our different vineyards. The composed blends of these diverse extractions bring a delicate complexity to the harmonious wine respecting the characteristic of the vintages. Aged 3 years in large botte, then 1 more in the bottle before being released, they are the DNA behind La Fiorita.

Our Brunello Riserva is a selection of grapes from a single vineyard. Not made each year, these perfect Sangiovese, have a similar winemaking and ageing process as our Brunello. The ideal maturity of the tannins from the skins, will carry with time a complex contrast between structure and elegance. The minimum required of ageing time is 6 years before release. Going further, kept in a private cellar , our Riservas will reveal a unique longevity of freshness.

Our Rosso Di Montalcino La Fiorita is made from Brunello vineyards grapes. They express a great introduction to Sangiovese from Montalcino and La Fiorita. Aged 20 months before being released, their balance will bring an experience of wanting to go further with our Brunello.

Ninfalia, our IGT Toscana roasato is Natalie s desire to bring into our range of wine a rosato that can express her personality. Intense aromatics from the Sangiovese grape and extreemely refreshing with a saline character to the finish. Made from early harvests, the wine making and ageing process in our concrete egg will last 7 months to reach the desired combination of all the components.  Only comes in Magnums!