• Cejhae, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Cejhae Greene, from the country of Antigua and Barbuda. I compete in the 100m & 200m respectfully. I am 2 times Olympian & Olympic 100m Semi-finalist, 3x World Championship qualifier & World Championship 100m Semi-finalist and also a 4x100m World championship finalist. I am also the current PanAm Games bronze medalist in the 100m and the CAC (Central American & Caribbean Games) 100m Record Holder. Although I am originally from Antigua and Barbuda, I currently reside in the United States of America. I attended the University of Georgia where I acquired a bachelor’s degree in Consumer Economics. 


  • How fast did you run 100m this season?

My current seasons best in the 100m is 10.02 seconds. Which is extremely close to my personal bests of 10.00 & 9.94w (All conditions)


  • When did wine crossed your track?

I’ve always been intrigued with wine to be honest. However, it wasn’t until a flight back from Florence in 2019! Tuscany can have this effect and visiting Italy really sparked my passion for wine.


  • Which wine outside Brunello is your fuel?

It’s really hard for me to choose a wine outside of Brunello to actually say it’s my favorite because honestly, it’s where my fascination began. Also I think I have so much to learn when it pertains to wine in general. However, I will say that I am also a huge fan of Pinot noir. 


  • How do you find time to combine track and wine?

Just like many things in life I believe that it’s important to find a balance. And for me the way I combine wine and track is my perfect balance. Wine has been my calming connection between a highly competitive sport and life in general. The stress of world class sprinting can be much sometimes, and you can often find you’re self-consumed in just that of your sport but my fascination with all the aspects of wine in general helps me manage that well. It helps me find great balance between the sport that I love and enjoy so much but also reminding me that I have other interests as well. 


  • Can you tell us more about “Wine Down with Cejhae”?

“Wine down with Cejhae” is a concept that my agency and more specifically our marketing team Led by Liam Fayle pitched to me and I fell in love with it. The whole purpose of Wine down with Cejhae was to create a space for the fans of track & field to have an opportunity to meet some of the world’s greatest athletes and have friendly conversations with them and get to know us outside of just our sport. Often, our fans and friends only get to see us in a tense competition on television or in a major stadium. So, the way I choose to attempt to make this connection is through wine and wine tasting. That way it brings us together through something we both like, the sport and wine. And the experience has been nothing less than amazing. It’s a space to have great conversations and great laughs. Also, it created an environment for people to learn about wine and eventually I realized that many fans and friends developed a passion for the same reasons wine made me happy.


  • If you were going to say three words about Brunello, what would they be?

If I was going to say three words about Brunello it would be: classy, royalty and neat. All of which in my eyes what Brunello is. 


  • Where do you get your wine Inspiration from?

I get my wine inspiration from people that are Genuine, passionate, and professional.The passion in which they speak of wine is something I inspire to have one day.